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21/01763/FUL – 21 Springfield Garden – Proposed single storey extension to rear of house.

21/01376/FUL – 11 Evergreen Avenue – Conversion of one of the double integrated garages, the garage that runs closes and adjacent to the door and hallway of the main house. The garage will be converted into a room that will form part of the downstairs of the main house as a dining room or sitting room. The garage door will be removed and bricked up with a window added side of the front door. An internal wall will also be added to separate the new room from the remaining garage with access to the new room from the hallway inside the house. No other changes will be made to the front of the house, the small overhang that runs across the front of the house above the integrated garages will be retained.

21/01668/FUL38 West Green – proposed replacement wood door and frame to front elevation and railings to front elevation as amended 20/7/21

21/01435/FUL - Levenside Enhancement - Application for a riverside scheme to enhance Levenside, improve the accessibility and safety of the current pedestrian access alongside the River Leven within the Town by providing new surface footpaths, replacing the Golden Lion plank bridge, reconstructing parts of the riverbank, improving the wayfinding and upgrading landscape features.  Hard copies of the plans can be viewed in the Town Hall.