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20/00176/CAT 3 Springfield – works to a tree in a conservation area- Cherry Tree prune 20%

20/01041/TPO 3 Springfield – proposed works to trees subject to a TPO 2007/18

20/01027/FUL Leven Ford 3A Levenside – construction of a two storey extension together with alterations to front of existing house and a single storey extension to the rear of the house

20/01198/FUL The Green Man, 63 High Street - siting of an outside street café

20/01199/LBC The Green Man, 63 High Street – LBC for siting of a street café

20/00183/CAT The Manor House, High Street – works to trees in a conservation area -trim 4 sycamore trees of branches overhanging footpath

20/01185/FUL Newcastle building society, 19 High Street – reductions in commercial floor area, replacement of flat roof with pitched roof rear of property, amendments to door and window positions to side/rear of property

20/01068/LBC Newcastle building society, 19 High Street – LBC for refurbishment of existing building – ground floor office/retail and 1st floor flat

20/1265/MRC - White House Farm - Variation of conditions attached to application reference number 14/00714/OUT - outline application for the construction of up to 213 dwellings, employment use (class B1) up to 2,900 sqm including means of access.

20/01047/TPO - The Co-operative Food Springfield - Works to trees subject to Tree Preservation Order Nos: 1994/02 and 1963/22 - to remove branches to a maximum height of 3.5m and remove deadwood to mature Oak tree (shown as T6 on the location plan) and works to 65Lm of tree belt to crown lift to 3m and the removal of ivy and thinning works to trees within the mixed group (shown as a group T10 on the location plan).

20/01249/FUL - Stokesley School, Station Road - Application for the permanent siting of 4no existing temporary sited portable buildings on the school grounds (3no classrooms and 1no meeting room, staff facility with glazed link to the main building).