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21/00357/ADV – Thomas 2 Go , High Street – Application for advertisement consent for No1 illuminated aluminium fascia panel
2100383/LBC - Thomas 2 Go, High Street – LBC for external works, replacement of awning, alterations to signage and redecoration of exterior

21/00525/CAT – The Rectory, Leven Close – proposed removal of diseased Ash tree in a conservation area.

21/00441/CAT - 69 Levenside -works to fell trees in a conservation area.

21/00328/FUL - 9B Levenside – app for proposed raising of roof and the insertion of several roof lights. Amended plans received 12 March 2021

21/00558/FUL - 28 Springfield – change of use from garage to habitable accommodation and internal alterations

21/00587/FUL – Angrove West Farm Bridge Great Ayton – replacement of Angrove Farm Bridge with a new structure spanning across the River Leven between the private access road from Angrove Farm and the A173.

21/00624/TPO - 21 Malvern Drive - Works to trees subject to Tree Preservation Order 1987/12 - T1 Fell and replace with Sorbus, T2 Deadwood, T3 Fell and replace with Birch.

21/00579/FUL – 33 Oak Tree Road – Division of free standing garage into 2 parts by the building of a partition wall. The front portion of the garage will remain as it is (“the garage”), including the original garage door. The rear of the building is to be converted into a “sun house”, with french door access through the side wall from the garden. The internal walls and the ceiling of the “sun house” will be insulated and additional electrical sockets will be installed. The roof space of the whole garage already has boarding down for storage. This is accessed through the front portion of the building (“the garage”)

21/00642/FUL and 21/00643/LBC - Ground Floor, 18 High Street - Change of use from betting shop to cafe and Listed Building Consent for change of use from betting shop to cafe.