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Role of Council

The Town Council is responsible for: 

  • Maintenance of the Public Conveniences  
  • Grass Cutting  –  for  all  publicly  owned  land within the Parish.  
  • North Road Play Park. 
  • Provision  of  the Christmas lights.
  • Allotments –  the  area  containing  the allotments is rented from Lady Hullocks Trust. The  allotments  are  managed  by  the  Town Council. 
  • Tree Maintenance  –  on  the  public  areas  of most  of  the  housing  estates  in  Stokesley  and other parish land. 
  • The  unrestricted  parking on The Plain and College Square.

Much of the detailed work is undertaken by the Committees and Working Groups shown below:

Open Spaces & Footpaths Committee:  Cllrs Griffiths, Lewis, Seymour, Sowerby and Wake
Allotments Committee: Cllrs Chisholm, Lewis, Seymour & Sowerby and a representative from the Allotments
Communications/Events Working Group: Cllrs Blakemore, Brennan, Canavan, and Sowerby plus non-council members
Finance Committee: Cllrs Brennan, Canavan, Carey & Seymour
Employment Committee: Cllrs Blakemore, Carey, Griffiths & Sowerby
Health & Safety Committee: Cllrs Canavan, Chisholm, Johnson, Sowerby and Wake
Town Hall Committee: Cllrs Brennan, Canavan, Chisholm and Wake, Mr Miller, Mr Ridgeway and Mrs Blakey
Parking Working Group: Cllrs Brennan, Carey, Chisholm, Griffiths and Seymour
Market Working Group: Cllrs Blakemore, Canavan and Sowerby and representative from the Friday Market and representative from the Farmers Market 

Committee Chairs are shown in bold. All Committees (excluding the Town Hall Committee) will meet at least twice a year but can arrange additional meetings as required.  The Town Hall Committee meets bi-monthly.  Working Group will call meetings as required.

For all committee's terms of references, please select a committee and click on the name and download the relevant references.

If you would like to find out more about the Town Council's Meetings, Agendas or Minutes, please click below.