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ZB23/01355/FUL – Stokesley School – application for removal of existing temporary classroom units and replacement with fit for purpose new permanent teaching classrooms.

ZB23/01340/FUL – 3 Apple Tree Road – Single storey rear extension, installation of door to side elevation.

ZB23/01336/FUL – 30 The Avenue – Two storey extension to the side, alterations to first floor bathroom window and alterations to existing ground floor extension.

ZB23/01418/LBC – 45 College Square – Replacement roof coverings to the main cottage.

ZB23/00950/FUL – Mixology Brew Company Premium Brewery and Kitchen, 25 High Street – Change of use for the construction of a decking area, including joists mounted on cobblestones, glass balustrade, butterfly awning and electrical power for lighting and heating location on Stokesley Manorial Land adjacent to Mixology Brew Company.

ZB23/01446/TPO – 3 Thirsk Road – This large copper beech tree situated in the rear garden of Edgar House has lost several limbs in the storm damage over several years due to weak disease points all around (shown in the images) which has made the tree unstable and severely unbalanced. We wisht to fell the tree, grind out the stump and re-plant with the same specimen of tree.

ZB23/01518/CAT – Cringle Moor, Thirsk Road – Felling of an elm tree in a conservation area.