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Current years’ planning applications

Planning Applications received in July 2021

21/01763/FUL – 21 Springfield Garden – Proposed single storey extension to rear of house.

21/01376/FUL – 11 Evergreen Avenue – Conversion of one of the double integrated garages, the garage that runs closes and adjacent to the door and hallway of the main house. The garage will be converted into a room that will form part of the downstairs of the main house as a dining room or sitting room. The garage door will be removed and bricked up with a window added side of the front door. An internal wall will also be added to separate the new room from the remaining garage with access to the new room from the hallway inside the house. No other changes will be made to the front of the house, the small overhang that runs across the front of the house above the integrated garages will be retained.

21/01668/FUL - 38 West Green – proposed replacement wood door and frame to front elevation and railings to front elevation as amended 20/7/21

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Planning Applications received in June 2021

21/01372/FUL - 31 Queens Drive - Demolition of existing rear single storey offshoot to allow for proposed single store extension to rear.

21/01310/FUL and 21/01311/LBC - Peaton Carr Farm - Change of use for the conversion of redundant farm buildings (adjacent to Peaton Carr Farmhouse) to a single family dwelling.

21/01486/FUL - 35 Apple Tree Road - Conversion of garage to usable room.

21/01320/CAT Cringle Moor, Thirsk Road – works to and works to fell trees in a conservation area.

21/0144/FUL - 9B Levenside - Proposed reroofing of existing dwelling.

21/01261/LBC - 18 West End - Retrospective listed building consent for reduction in size of kitchen window overlooking the main road.

21/01512/FUL 35 The Acres – part Garage conversion (rear section) to form home office

21/01551/FUL – 18 West End – retrospective application for the removal of existing kitchen window with new hardwood sliding sash window.

21/01668/FUL 38 West Green - proposed replacement wood door and frame to front elevation

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Planning Applications received in May 2021

21/00998/FUL - 11 College Square - Proposed kitchen extension, new roof over existing rear projection and summer room and garden store to the rear of the garden.

21/01044/MRC – Tanton Grange Farm – variation of planning app ref 19/02452/FUL – demolition of existing dwelling and outbuilding and construction of replacement dwelling and garage.

21/01061/FUL Access to land at Thirsk Road – upgrades to existing access at land off Thirsk Road (B1365

21/00997/FUL Chapters Deli and Café – change of use of manorial land directly in front of Market Place, high Street , for a seating area for chapters Deli & Bar comprising of removable wooden decking and barriers which meet UK pedestrian safety railing standards.

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Planning Applications received in April 2021

21/00721/TPO - Kirkleven Manor Close - Works to trees subject to a Group Tree Preservation Order 1960/08 – Horse Chestnut (T1) – 3m Crown lift, deadwood and balance crown; Horse Chestnut (T2) – 3m Crown lift and remove deadwood; Horse Chestnut (T3) – 3m Crown lift and remove deadwood; Sycamore (T4) – 30% Crown reduction and remove deadwood; Field Elm (T5) – Remove branch overhanging river and deadwood.

21/00813/FUL - 13 The Acres - Replacement of existing sun room with single storey extension to rear of the house.

21/00750/CAT Riverside Cattery, willow Cottage, 67 Levenside,- Works to trees in a conservation are – 1no. cherry and 1no ash fell both.

21/00902/FUL - 5 The Garth  Replacement of existing hipped roof to gable roof including two dormer windows to the front and rear, 2 no. rooflights to rear, 11/2 storey front porch extension and single storey parapet wall extension (demolition of existing car port to side and existing garden room rear extension).

21/00932/FUL - 4 Queens Drive - Side ground floor conservatory extension.

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Planning Applications received March 2021

21/00357/ADV – Thomas 2 Go , High Street – Application for advertisement consent for No1 illuminated aluminium fascia panel
2100383/LBC - Thomas 2 Go, High Street – LBC for external works, replacement of awning, alterations to signage and redecoration of exterior

21/00525/CAT – The Rectory, Leven Close – proposed removal of diseased Ash tree in a conservation area.

21/00441/CAT - 69 Levenside -works to fell trees in a conservation area.

21/00328/FUL - 9B Levenside – app for proposed raising of roof and the insertion of several roof lights. Amended plans received 12 March 2021

21/00558/FUL - 28 Springfield – change of use from garage to habitable accommodation and internal alterations

21/00587/FUL – Angrove West Farm Bridge Great Ayton – replacement of Angrove Farm Bridge with a new structure spanning across the River Leven between the private access road from Angrove Farm and the A173.

21/00624/TPO - 21 Malvern Drive - Works to trees subject to Tree Preservation Order 1987/12 - T1 Fell and replace with Sorbus, T2 Deadwood, T3 Fell and replace with Birch.

21/00579/FUL – 33 Oak Tree Road – Division of free standing garage into 2 parts by the building of a partition wall. The front portion of the garage will remain as it is (“the garage”), including the original garage door. The rear of the building is to be converted into a “sun house”, with french door access through the side wall from the garden. The internal walls and the ceiling of the “sun house” will be insulated and additional electrical sockets will be installed. The roof space of the whole garage already has boarding down for storage. This is accessed through the front portion of the building (“the garage”)

21/00642/FUL and 21/00643/LBC - Ground Floor, 18 High Street - Change of use from betting shop to cafe and Listed Building Consent for change of use from betting shop to cafe.

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Planning Applications February 2021

21/00001/FUL - The Mill - Retrospective application for the creation of an external seating area and conversion of outhouse building into drinking pods.

21/00273/FUL – 65 Meadowfield – single storey side extension, integral garage conversion to dining room

21/00290/FUL - 10 Copsewood - Single storey side extension.

21/00277/FUL - 29 West End - Roof terrace to rear with guarding, replace windows to front with new timber windows, replace windows to rear with UPVC and insertion of new door to access roof terrace.

21/00328/FUL - 9B Levenside - Application for the proposed raising of roof.

21/00263/FUL - 21 Ashwood Drive - Proposed two storey side extension and part two storey, part single storey rear extension.

21/00155/FUL - 4 West Green - Construction of a garden room.

21/00156/LBC - 4 West Green - Listed building consent for the construction of a garden room for use with the dwelling house.

21/00314/FUL LL Mulino, Church House – retrospective app for the installation of a replacement electric canvas awning/canopy to provide cover for outdoor seating and dining are to the existing business.

21/00315/ADV LL Mulino , Church House – retrospective app for the advertisement consent to display a non illuminated advertisement on a new projecting electric canvas awning/canopy

21/00230/FUL TRU:VAI – 69-71 High Street change of use of manorial land directly in front of 69-71 High Street, Stokesley for a seating area for Bar TRU:VAI with wooden decking and barriers.

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Planning received January 2021

20/02825/FUL – 23 Malvern Drive – proposed first floor extension to side of house

20/02493/FUL - 29 West End - Replace windows to front elevation with new timber windows, replace windows to rear elevation with UPVC (amended plans).

20/02903/FUL - Stokesley Health Centre - Lobby extension to Health Centre, additional car parking spaces and refurbishment of building.

20/00074/FUL - Brook House, 21 Levenside - Application for replacement and modifications of existing windows, new doors,new rear roof lantern, update of existing render and minor building repairs.

20/00103/FUL - 22 Grange Drive - Alterations and single store kitchen and porch extension to the front and side of the dwelling house.

21/00068/FUL Hill View Mill Riggs - demolition of the existing glazed conservatory and erection of a single storey garden room with chimney stack. 

21/00131/FUL – 1 The Firs - single storey porch extension, single storey rear extension and loft conversion.

21/00039/FUL 59 Apple Tree Road - conversion of internal garage to office and utility room 

20/02683/FUL - Strikes Garden Centre - Installation of canopy and cabin for hand car wash and associated drainage (resubmission).

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Planning Applications December 2020

20/02282/ADV - Stokesley Sports Club - Retrospective application for advertisement consent for 6 hoardings.

20/02598/CPN - 2 Bridge Road - Application to determine if prior approval is required for the change of  use from coffee shop during the day to licenced wine bar/tapas to be open in the evenings.

20/02657/LBC 20/2656/FUL - Peaton Carr - LBC and app for change of use of redundant farm building (adjacent to Peaton Carr farmhouse) to s single family dwelling

20/02658/FUL Loft conversion and conversion of garage to habitable space and a construction of a new detached double garage. 

20/02684/FUL 18 Queens Drive – proposed two storey extension to the side of the house and alterations to driveway

20/02512/FUL - 49 Riversdene - Retrospective planning permission for new fence that extends on from the existing fence line around the boundary of the property and to increase the height of the existing fence line from 1.6m to 1.8m in keeping with the new fence.

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Planning Applications Received in November 2020

20/02264/FUL Cleveland Nurseries, 46 Station Road – proposed second floor extension and roof dormers linked to application 19/02197/FUL – construction of2no dwellinghouses with associated garages and vehicle parking

20/02361/LBC – 10 West End – LBC for replacement front door

20/02415/CAT 5 The Beeches – proposed works to trees in a conservation area. Removal of5no Ash trees – Ash die back

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Planning Applications Received in October 2020

20/02022/FUL - Manorely Manor Close - Single storey rear extension.

20/02173/FUL - 43 Eastfields - Single storey extension to the rear and parital conversion of garage to form utility room.

20/02231/CAT - Applegarth House, Manor Close - Proposed works to fell 3 trees in a conservation area (English Yew, Common Holly and Sycamore to the front of the dwellinghouse).

20/02402/MRC - Kier Living Tanton Fields - Variation of conditions attached to Planning Application Reference Number 16/02756/REM - Reserved matters submission for details of layout, scale, appearance and landscaping for residential development of 225 dwellings as per amended plans received by HDC on 15 May 2017.

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