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Current years’ planning applications

Planning Applications received in June 2022

22/01166/FUL – GSC Grays, 26 – 28 High Street – Replacement 4 casement windows to the front elevation and 1 small direct glazed window to the rear elevation with single glazed hardwood to the same design.

22/01281/FUL – The Orchard – Alterations and extension to existing dwelling.

22/01248/FUL – 10 Linwood Avenue – Replacement of existing UPVC lounge window with a UPVC Bow Window.

22/01385/FUL – The Barn, 23 Levenside – Retrospective planning permission for garage / shed outbuilding built in garden of the property.

22/01466/TPO and 22/01534/CAT – 3 Springfield – Works to fell tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order 2007/18.

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Planning Applications received May 2022

22/00858/FUL - 16 Beechwood Avenue - Construction of two storey extension.

22/01159/FUL 22/01222/LBC 55 Levenside – proposed replacement of decayed wood sliding sash windows with new wood sliding sash windows

22/00644/FUL - 11 Roseberry Avenue – single storey side/rear extension

22/01111/FUL – 50 College Square – replacement and repair to two dormer windows to the front elevation, replacement of the plain fascia boards with Victorian patterned fascias and replace the weathered and rotten timber cladding on each dormer with tongue and grove sapele boarding

22/00443/LBC – 73 Levenside – LBC for the internal and external alterations to dwelling and widening of the driveway

22/01151/FUL – Stokesley Golf Range - Construction of a single storey extension at Stokesley Golf Range to provide larger indoor seating area with café / function room facilities and the provision of additional staff car parking to the north.

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Planning Applications received in March 2022

22/00529/FUL – 6 Station Road – Revised application for single storey rear extension and alterations to dwelling.

21/01930/FUL – 25 High Street – Retrospective application for change of use of garden to multi use venue with rear of the building used as a bar.

22/00644/FUL – 11 Roseberry Avenue – Single storey side / rear extension.

22/00551/FUL – 58 High Street – Retrospective application for replacement windows.

22/00601/FUL – Longbeck Farm – Construction of detached garage and playroom.

22/00443/LBC, 22/00442/FUL - 73 Levenside - internal and external alterations to dwelling and widening of the driveway 

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Planning Applications received in February 2022

22/00127/REM – White House Farm – Application for approval of reserved matters (considering appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) following approval of 19/02101/OUT for outline planning application with all matters reserved (excluding access for the construction of up to 25 no. residential dwellings.

22/00245/FUL – Kirkby House, 33 Levenside – Replacement French doors structure and windows at rear of property.

22/00219/FUL – Tallow Cottage, 39A Levenside – Construction of single storey and a two-storey extension to the rear, internal alterations, together with garden walling.

22/00278/FUL – 11 College Square – single storey rear extension and external wc/utility room

22/00334/TPO – 45 The Firs – Works to trees, subject to a Tree Preservation Order 18/00008/TPO2.

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Planning Applications received in January 2022

21/02853/FUL – Cringle Moor, Thirsk Road – revised application for the construction of 3no detached domestic garage blocks.

22/00087/LBC and 22/00086/FUL – CCMS, 1 North Road – Listed Building Consent for conversion of offices back to a dwelling with minor alteration as shown on floor plans and change of use of offices back to a dwelling with minor internal alterations.

22/00153/CAT – 12 West Green – Works to and works to fell trees in a conservation area.

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Planning Applications received in December 2021

21/02493/FUL - 2 College Square - Application for planning approval to erect cast iron railing around cobbled area at the front of property.

21/02532/CAT – 69 Levenside – Works to trees in a Conservation Area.

21/02623/FUL – 23 West Green – Application for planning approval for the replacement of windows and doors.

21/02847/FUL – 6 Station Road – Single storey rear extension and alterations to dwelling.

21/02889/FUL and 21/02890/LBC – 1 Leven Wynd – listed building consent and planning application for a loft conversion, including dormer extension to rear, 2 roof lights to front and 1 roof light at the rear.

21/02597/FUL - Tru:Vai 69 - 71 High Street - Application for approval to extend the use of manorial land for outside decking seating area complete with barriers.

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Planning Applications received in October 2021

21/02091/FUL – The Green Man, 63 High Street Application to change existing decking railings to 1.2m adjustable glass balustrade which can be raised to 1.8m. Installation on decking of two 3m x 2m parasols supported by one cantilever support. Parasols are a permanent installation on the decking. Installation of waterproof power sockets and connection of sockets to existing outside waterproof socket on wall.

21/02147/MRC – Tru:Vai 69-71 High Street – Variation of conditions attached to Planning Consent 21/00230/FUL – Change of use of Manorial Land directly in front of 69-71 High Street, Stokesley for a seating area for Bar Tru:Vai with wooden decking and barriers.

21/02096/FUL – The Mount, 8 West End – Construction of single storey front extension and changes to the existing external fenestration.

21/02159/MRC – Former Tanton Grange Farm – Variation of conditions attached to Reference Number 19/02452/FUL – Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuilding and construction of replacement dwelling and garage.

21/02184/CAT - Hutton House, 3 Levenside Place - Removal of a fir tree in a conservation area.

21/02134/FUL – 27 West End – Retrospective application for the replacement of six windows and one door to the rear elevation of the dwellinghouse with UPVC.

21/02298/FUL - 12 Fairfield Road - Rear & Side extension to existing dwelling 

21/02205/MRC - Peaton Carr Farm, Stokesley – Variation of conditions attached to planning consent 21/01310/FUL. Revised application for change of use for the conversion of redundant farm buildings (adjacent to Peaton Carr FarmHouse) to a single family dwelling as revised drawings S15.B2 o4 rev 04, S15.B2 01 rev 04, S15 B2 05 rev 04 received on 12 September 2021

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Planning Applications received in September 2021

21/02036/TPO - 3 Springfield - Works to trees covered by Tree Preservation Order No. 2007/18.

21/02007/FUL Rushford House, Tanton House - single storey rear/side extension 

21/02094/FUL - Leven Ford, 3A Levenside - Demolition of the existing extension and construction of a two-storey extension to the front together with a double and single-storey extension to the rear.  Internal layout alterations.

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Planning applications received in August 2021

21/01862/FUL - 22 Jackson Drive – two storey extension to the side of the existing house.

21/01805/FUL - 28 The Acres - Construction of a replacement sunlounge to the dwellinghouse.

21/01831/FUL and 21/01832/LBC - 71 Levenside - Repair works to replace main dwelling roof riles with clay pantiles.

21/01901/FUL - Cringle Moor, Thirsk Road - Erection of two detached garages as amended on 19 August 2021.

21/01877/MRC - Kier Living Tanton Fields Development - Application for variation of condition 2 (approved plans to allow for the inclusion of 5no bungalows to the East boundary and affordable provision for the site to be reduced to 30% - new plans submitted for planning layout, footpath locations, boundary treatment drawings, materials layout, street scenes and typical sections) following grant of planning permission ref: 16/02756/REM for Reserved matters submission for details of layout, scale, appearance and landscaping for residential development of 225 dwellings as per amended plans received by Hambleton District Council on 15 May 2017.

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