Role of Council

Priorities for the Town Council, Stokesley for 2020 2021

The Town Council is responsible for: 

  • Maintenance of the Public Conveniences  
  • Grass Cutting  –  for all publicly owned  land within the Parish.  
  • North Road Play Park. 
  • Provision of the Christmas lights.
  • Allotments –  the area containing the allotments is rented from Lady Hullocks Trust. The allotments are managed by the  Town Council. 
  • Tree Maintenance  –  on the public areas of most of the housing estates in  Stokesley and other parish land. 
  • The unrestricted parking on The Plain and College Square.

Much of the detailed work is undertaken by the Committees and Working Groups shown below:




Open Spaces & Footpaths Committee:  Cllrs Griffiths, N. Johnson, Oxley, Sowerby and Wake
Allotments Committee: Cllrs N. Johnson,Oxley, Sowerby and Wake and a representative from the Allotments
Communications/Events Working Group: Cllrs Makinen, Robinson, Sowerby, Wake and Wilson plus non-council members
Finance Committee: Cllrs Canavan, Carey, Makinen, Oxley and Robinson 
Employment Committee: Cllrs Carey, Griffiths, N. Johnson and Sowerby
Health & Safety Committee: Cllrs Canavan, C. Johnson, Oxley,  Sowerby and Wake
Town Hall Committee: Cllrs Canavan, Oxley, Wake and Wilson plus Town Hall Management Advisory Committee members Mr Miller, Mr Ridgeway and Mrs Blakey
Parking Committee: Cllrs Canavan, Carey, Griffiths, C. Johnson and N. Johnson 
River Leven Project Working Group: Cllrs Canavan, Griffiths, Oxley and Wake
Stokesley Bounce Back Working Group: Cllrs Carey, C Johnson, N Johnson, Oxley and Sowerby

Committee Chairs are shown in bold. All Committees (excluding the Town Hall Committee) will meet at least twice a year but can arrange additional meetings as required.  The Town Hall Committee meets bi-monthly.  Working Group will call meetings as required.

For all committee's terms of references, please select a committee and click on the name and download the relevant references.

If you would like to find out more about the Town Council's Meetings, Agendas or Minutes, please click below.