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Current years’ planning applications

Planning Applications received in May 2019

19/0104/FUL - HSBC, 25 High Street - Change of use of first and second floors from offices to 2no. apartments.  A new access door to the front elevation.

19/00816/LBC - HSBC, 25 High Street - Listed Building Consent for internal alterations to facilitate conversion of first and second floors from offices to 2no. residential units.

19/00931/ADV - Bridge View, 9 East End - app for advertising consent to display 2no non illuminated fascia signs, 1no non illuminated projecting/hanging sign and 3no other non illuminated signs

19/00906/ADV - 47 High Street – retrospective app for consent to display 1no static externally illuminated fascia sign and 1no non illuminated advertisement board to the front elevation of the building.

19/00963/FUL – Longbeck Farm – Extension to side of existing unit to provide garen room and double garage.

19/01023/FUL Trevithick House, 24 The Stripe – construction of a single storey flat roof rear extension. First Floor games room extension over existing garage

19/00417/ADV 2 High Street – retrospective advertisement consent for replacement of existing signage

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Planning Applications received April 2019

19/00716/FUL - 17 North Road - demolition of existing conservatory and construction of garden room 

19/00670/FUL - 61 Riverdene - single storey, pitched roof, rear garden room extension 

19/00737/FUL - 16 Linwood Avenue – internal alterations to first floor to include dormer window to rear elevation

19/00675/MRC - 35 West End – application for variation of conditions 2 and 3 relating to plan app 17/02552/FUL – alterations to the existing vehicular access to the property including new gates, fence, piers, hard surfacing etc

19/00616/FUL - 36 High Street – installation of 3no windows to rear side passage & 7 condensing units to the rear courtyard

19/00750/CAT - Appleton House 2 Levenside Place, Levenside – works to trees in a conservation area

19/00807/LBC - Tanton Bridge - Listed Building Consent for the widening of the bridge, construction of new abutments, walls and paparapet, 14m fence and associated landscaping.

19/00902/LBC - Barber Shop, 63 High Street - Listed building consent for internal alterations for conversion of former barber shop to a micropub.

19/00632/FUL 5 The Stripe – replace the defective timber front door to the property with a modern composite style door

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Planning Application Received in March 2019

19/00448/FUL - 47 Malvern Drive - Construction of single Story extension to side and rear of dwelling.
19/00471/FUL - Manorley Manor Close - Formation of additional domestic accommodation.
19/0553/FUL - 17 The Paddock - Demolition of existing conservatory, replacing with a single story extension on a slightly wide footprint, the same length as the conservatory.
19/00611/LBC 36 High Street – LBC for replacement rear windows and installation of 7 condensing units at the rear
19/00053/FUL The spread eagle 39 High Street - retrospective construction of a self supporting timber shelter in rear beer garden. with cover and power for ambient light and heater-open design  

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Planning Applications February 2019

19/00199/LBC - Costa Coffee, The Roseberry, 43 High Street - External works including repainting the fascia, mounting new lettering, a new sign and internal works to unit.

19/00269/FUL - 42 Meadowfield - proposed porch and bay window to front of property

19/00290/TPO  - St Peter & St Pauls Church - works to trees covered by TPO 

19/00303/CAT - St Peter and St Pauls Church - works to trees in a conservation area.

19/00359/OUT OS Field 7272 Land North of Hebron Court, The Stripe - application for outline planning permission with some matters reserved ( considering access only)

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Planning Applications November 2018

18/02215/FUL - 4 Three Tuns Wynd - Proposed replacement hardwood shopfront.

18/02159/FUL - Unit 2 Church House, 30 College Square - Change of use and alterations to Unit 2 and incorporating part of Unit 1 from A1 to A4 to form a Gin Bar.

18/02352/FUL - 4 East End - Change of use from existing lounge and store rooms to habitable holiday accommodation.

18/02361/MRC -Northumbrian Water – Stokesley Sewage Treatment – application for variation/removal of condition relating to planning application 18/1018/FUL - installation of kiosk building.

18/02478/FUL Stokesley School – refurbishment of existing OLC block at Stokesley school to include internal alterations to layout to improve access, new internal finishes, new external cladding, roofing, curtain walling, windows and door & new mechanical and electrical installations

18/01571/FUL Riverside Nurseries - conversion of redundant stable block to dwelling with associated parking 

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Planning Applications October 2018

18/02035/FUL - 27 Tameside - Retrospective application for the construction of a new boundary fence to the rear of  property. 

18/02021/FUL - 8 The Avenue - Demolish attached a single storey garage, rear kitchen & conservatory and construct a two storey side extension including integral garage & single storey kitchen.

18/01582/FUL - Tru-Vai, 69 - 71 High Street - Change of use of land for an outdoor seating area for use in conjunction with the existing business.

18/02306/FUL 19 Riversdene - demolition of existing rear extension and toilet construction of new single storey rear extension.

Ref 18/02361/MRC Northumbrian Water – Stokesley Sewage Treatment – application for variation/removal of condition relating to planning application 18/1018/FUL - installation of kiosk building.

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Planning Applications September 2018

18/01766/LBC Spears Travel – replacement of 5no wooden sash and casement windows to UPvC woodgrain windows to front eastern elevation.

18/00008/TPO2 – HDC TPO 2018 No 8 – (land to rear of 11-31 Woodlands Walk) to replace TPO 18/0004/TPO2.

18/01763/FUL - The Rakish - Re-build existing fire damaged barn using slightly different materials to match adjacent barn conversion building.

18/01673/CAT Hutton House, 3 Levenside Place - works to trees in a conservation area

18/01900/FUL - 20 West Green - Removal of existing brick wall and gate post and replace with wrought iron railings.

18/01971/FUL - Strikes Garden Centre - Construction of garden centre shop, canopies, restaurant and outdoor sales area along with associated parking, store, service yard and landscaping. 

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Planning Applications August 2018

18/00858/FUL - Lime Cottage, 17 West Green - Replace front and rear doors and windows.

18/01724/FUL 6 College Square – construction of a brick built garden shed with roof light and greenhouse to the rear of the dwelling house

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Planning Applications July 2018

18/01349/CAT - Riverside Cattery Willow Cottage, 67 Levenside - Works to trees in a conservation area.

18/01355/FUL - Burnside, 16A Levenside - Replacement windows and widening parking bay.

18/01298/CLE - Tanton Grange Farm - Application for Lawful Development Certificate for an existing use of part of the workshop building and land adjoining as B2 use for vehicle repair workshop and associated parking.

18/00004/TPO2 - Stokesley - Hambleton District Council (Stokesley Town Council) Tree Preservation Order 2018 No 4.

18/01411/FUL 48 Tameside – single storey extension to rear together with extension to garage at front and workshop extension to side at rear 

18/00005/TPO2 - Stokesley - Hambleton District Council (Stokesley Town Council) Tree Preservation Order 2018 No 5.

18/01503/FUL - 12 Ashwood Drive - Removal of existing conifer hedge and replace with new 2 metre high panel timber boundary fence.

18/01523/FUL - 26 Meadowfield - Demolition of conservatory replaced with single storey extension with internal alterations.

18/01091/LBC - Shine Hairdressing, 3 Bridge Road - Retrospective Listed building consent for the repainting of premises including windows and 3 doors.

NY/2018/0150/LBC NY/2018/151/FUL – widening of Tanton Bridge (Grade 2 listed) construction of new abutments and arch wing, spandrel wall, wingwalls and parapet and dismantling and rebuilding of all sections of parapet using existing stone, erection of 1.4 metre high 4 post and rail fence and soft landscaping works on land at Tanton Bridge.

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