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Current years’ planning applications

Planning Applications September 2019

19/01803/FUL - 33A Levenside - Revised application for consent for replacement of all existing timber doors and windows with UPVC sliding sash windows.

19/01868/FUL 19/01869/LBC - 2 Bridge Road -  modification of existing ground floor from bank use to 2no retail units and convert 1st & 2nd floors of prior bank use to 3no flats.

19/01927/FUL - Manorley Manor Close - Construction of a garden building.

19/01834/FUL - 11 - 31 Woodlands Walk - Construction and replacement of a fence to the rear of 11 - 31 Woodlands Walk.

19/02000/FUL - 44 West Green - Replacement of three sash windows, replacement of one set of French Windows, insertion of two new window cills, all to the rear of the property.  Re-installation of glass into the fanlight over the passage way to the front elevation of the property.

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Planning Applications received in August 2019

19/01563/FUL - 6 Malvern Drive - Construction of ground floor infill extension to front elevation.

19/01544/FUL - Land North East of Stokesley Leisure Centre – construction of ten, three bed dormer bungalows (8 x sem -detached and 2x detached) with associated roads and car parking

19/01684/FUL - 4 East End - Change of use from lock up shot to living room for the attached property.

19/01541/TPO - Cemetery, Helmsley Road - Works to fell 1no tree (T40 -Cypress), removal of some branches and stubs from 1no tree (T57 - Cypress) and removal of 2no limbs to 1no tree (T32 - Sycamore) all subject to tree preservation order no. 1990/5.

19/01223/FUL - The Packhorse, 47 High Street - Retrospective change of use of former cafe (A3) to a pub/bar (A4).

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Planning Applications Received in July 2019

19/01314/FUL 4 Neasham Court - two storey extension and internal alterations 

19/00738/FUL 12 Westlands - new highway crossing and drive

19/01409/ADV Co-op, Springfield – installation of 1no illuminated facia sign, 1no non illuminated facia sign and 2no non illuminated other signs.

19/01486/FUL - 29 Queens Drive - Demolition of existing garage and construction of a single storey extension to side and rear of house.

19/01459/FUL - Greenacres, 27 Levenside - Internal alterations and rebuild single storey extension with small two storey extension to the annexe and a single storey extension to the garage together with rebuilding a section of garden wall.

19/01464/FUL - 33A Levenside - Replacement of all windows and doors to dwellinghouse.

19/01504/FUL - 24 Northfield Drive - Construction of a single storey rear extension and internal alterations.

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Planning Applications received in June 2019

19/00926/LBC – 44 West Green – Listed Building Consent for replacing slates to the front elevation and repairs to flashing, replacement tiles to the rear elevation and repairs to flashing, new ridge to rear single storey extension, replacement slates as required and re-pointing to the rear with lime mortar.

19/01091/FUL – Cringle Moor, Thirsk Road – Construction of a detached dwellinghouse and garage.

19/00858/LBC The Old Byre, Paton Carr Farm – retrospective LBC and further alterations

19/00137/FUL Strikes – proposed electrical substation

19/01194/TPO 33 The Firs – works to trees TPO 18/00008/TPO2- remedial works to overhanging branches

19/01236/LBC 36High Street - LBC to replace the existing fascia

19/01235/ADV 36 High Street - advertisement consent for 1 externally illuminated sign. 

19/00359/OUT OS Fields 7272 Land of Hebron Court, The Stripe – application for outline planning permission with some matters reserved ( considering access only) for residential development as amended by plan received 31/7/2019

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Planning Applications received in May 2019

19/0104/FUL - HSBC, 25 High Street - Change of use of first and second floors from offices to 2no. apartments.  A new access door to the front elevation.

19/00816/LBC - HSBC, 25 High Street - Listed Building Consent for internal alterations to facilitate conversion of first and second floors from offices to 2no. residential units.

19/00931/ADV - Bridge View, 9 East End - app for advertising consent to display 2no non illuminated fascia signs, 1no non illuminated projecting/hanging sign and 3no other non illuminated signs

19/00906/ADV - 47 High Street – retrospective app for consent to display 1no static externally illuminated fascia sign and 1no non illuminated advertisement board to the front elevation of the building.

19/00963/FUL – Longbeck Farm – Extension to side of existing unit to provide garen room and double garage.

19/01023/FUL Trevithick House, 24 The Stripe – construction of a single storey flat roof rear extension. First Floor games room extension over existing garage

19/00417/ADV 2 High Street – retrospective advertisement consent for replacement of existing signage

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Planning Applications received April 2019

19/00716/FUL - 17 North Road - demolition of existing conservatory and construction of garden room 

19/00670/FUL - 61 Riverdene - single storey, pitched roof, rear garden room extension 

19/00737/FUL - 16 Linwood Avenue – internal alterations to first floor to include dormer window to rear elevation

19/00675/MRC - 35 West End – application for variation of conditions 2 and 3 relating to plan app 17/02552/FUL – alterations to the existing vehicular access to the property including new gates, fence, piers, hard surfacing etc

19/00616/FUL - 36 High Street – installation of 3no windows to rear side passage & 7 condensing units to the rear courtyard

19/00750/CAT - Appleton House 2 Levenside Place, Levenside – works to trees in a conservation area

19/00807/LBC - Tanton Bridge - Listed Building Consent for the widening of the bridge, construction of new abutments, walls and paparapet, 14m fence and associated landscaping.

19/00902/LBC - Barber Shop, 63 High Street - Listed building consent for internal alterations for conversion of former barber shop to a micropub.

19/00632/FUL 5 The Stripe – replace the defective timber front door to the property with a modern composite style door

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Planning Application Received in March 2019

19/00448/FUL - 47 Malvern Drive - Construction of single Story extension to side and rear of dwelling.
19/00471/FUL - Manorley Manor Close - Formation of additional domestic accommodation.
19/0553/FUL - 17 The Paddock - Demolition of existing conservatory, replacing with a single story extension on a slightly wide footprint, the same length as the conservatory.
19/00611/LBC 36 High Street – LBC for replacement rear windows and installation of 7 condensing units at the rear
19/00053/FUL The spread eagle 39 High Street - retrospective construction of a self supporting timber shelter in rear beer garden. with cover and power for ambient light and heater-open design  

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Planning Applications February 2019

19/00199/LBC - Costa Coffee, The Roseberry, 43 High Street - External works including repainting the fascia, mounting new lettering, a new sign and internal works to unit.

19/00269/FUL - 42 Meadowfield - proposed porch and bay window to front of property

19/00290/TPO  - St Peter & St Pauls Church - works to trees covered by TPO 

19/00303/CAT - St Peter and St Pauls Church - works to trees in a conservation area.

19/00359/OUT OS Field 7272 Land North of Hebron Court, The Stripe - application for outline planning permission with some matters reserved ( considering access only)

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Planning Applications November 2018

18/02215/FUL - 4 Three Tuns Wynd - Proposed replacement hardwood shopfront.

18/02159/FUL - Unit 2 Church House, 30 College Square - Change of use and alterations to Unit 2 and incorporating part of Unit 1 from A1 to A4 to form a Gin Bar.

18/02352/FUL - 4 East End - Change of use from existing lounge and store rooms to habitable holiday accommodation.

18/02361/MRC -Northumbrian Water – Stokesley Sewage Treatment – application for variation/removal of condition relating to planning application 18/1018/FUL - installation of kiosk building.

18/02478/FUL Stokesley School – refurbishment of existing OLC block at Stokesley school to include internal alterations to layout to improve access, new internal finishes, new external cladding, roofing, curtain walling, windows and door & new mechanical and electrical installations

18/01571/FUL Riverside Nurseries - conversion of redundant stable block to dwelling with associated parking 

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Planning Applications October 2018

18/02035/FUL - 27 Tameside - Retrospective application for the construction of a new boundary fence to the rear of  property. 

18/02021/FUL - 8 The Avenue - Demolish attached a single storey garage, rear kitchen & conservatory and construct a two storey side extension including integral garage & single storey kitchen.

18/01582/FUL - Tru-Vai, 69 - 71 High Street - Change of use of land for an outdoor seating area for use in conjunction with the existing business.

18/02306/FUL 19 Riversdene - demolition of existing rear extension and toilet construction of new single storey rear extension.

Ref 18/02361/MRC Northumbrian Water – Stokesley Sewage Treatment – application for variation/removal of condition relating to planning application 18/1018/FUL - installation of kiosk building.

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Planning Applications September 2018

18/01766/LBC Spears Travel – replacement of 5no wooden sash and casement windows to UPvC woodgrain windows to front eastern elevation.

18/00008/TPO2 – HDC TPO 2018 No 8 – (land to rear of 11-31 Woodlands Walk) to replace TPO 18/0004/TPO2.

18/01763/FUL - The Rakish - Re-build existing fire damaged barn using slightly different materials to match adjacent barn conversion building.

18/01673/CAT Hutton House, 3 Levenside Place - works to trees in a conservation area

18/01900/FUL - 20 West Green - Removal of existing brick wall and gate post and replace with wrought iron railings.

18/01971/FUL - Strikes Garden Centre - Construction of garden centre shop, canopies, restaurant and outdoor sales area along with associated parking, store, service yard and landscaping. 

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